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Colorful Lego Numbers Building Mathemati

1. Free Admission with Registration:The Pop-Up event is free of charge, but we kindly ask that you sign in at the registration table immediately upon your arrival. Please complete the registration form in its entirety. You will receive a sticker after signing in to help us easily identify registered participants and to indicate that you are ready to play!

2. Exit Survey Requirement: After the event, we'll ask you to complete a brief exit survey. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us improve future events and also helps maintain grant funding to keep popups free to the community.

3. Photo Policy: Parents and caregivers, please review our photo policy on the registration form. If you prefer not to have your child's image shared publicly, you must let our playworkers know, so we can provide them with a special identifier.

4. Free Loose Parts Take Home Kit: Those who complete the registration and exit survey fully are eligible to receive a free loose parts take-home kit at the end of the event.

5. Dress for Mess:Pop-ups can get wet and messy, so please dress accordingly. We'll have T-shirts on loan for kids to wear if needed.

6. Bring Your Play Fuel:Refreshments will not be served at this event, please make sure to bring your play fuel to keep the energy high.

7. Playworker Assistance:Expect to see several playworkers at the event. Feel free to approach them with any questions. Their role is to facilitate play and intervene only when invited or when necessary for safety reasons.

8. Observer Role for Parents and Children:We encourage parents to adopt the role of observers, allowing your child to lead their play. Step back and enjoy watching their creativity unfold. It may take some time for kids to get into the play and that’s okay! Many children like to watch before jumping in. Some children may just want to observe and that’s okay too!

9. Yes Space:Popups are designed to be "yes spaces" by creating environments where children are encouraged to explore, take risks, and freely engage in self-directed play. The concept of a "yes space" implies an environment where the default answer to a child's idea or request is "yes" as much as possible, fostering a positive and empowering experience.

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