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Frequently Asked Questions

The class descriptions says X years old, my child is X years old, may they still participate?

First, let common sense prevail, if the age spread is huge, it’s probably not the best fit. Beyond that, the age suggestions are provided based on generalization, and feedback from the instructors. We are open to being flexible to try to meet the needs of an individual child, so long as it does not detract from the entire group’s positive experience. Basically, we’ll try it, and see if it works.

Do you have a waiting area for parents/other children

Yes! Our “living room” is usually available as a family waiting area (though very occasionally needed for classes or meetings). It is stocked with games, books, coloring supplies, and other activities. Parents are encouraged to use this space as a place to spend intentional time with their children. Our expectation is that parents will supervise their children in this area, and will also clean up after using them, and will not allow nearby classes to be distracted. As Kiki likes to say: “This is not a running around place”.

Are parents required to be on-site for all children’s programs?

Children that are: attending a class, over 5 years old, AND potty trained may attend without a parent on site.

Is there a place my child can store their bookbag/belongings while in class?

Yes, there are cubbies in the front lobby area (near the sign-in desk) that students may use to store their things during class. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any items they may wish to store  (we have not had any issues!).

Are the instruments provided for the music classes?

Yes, the instruments are provided for all music classes. For the majority of our classes, ALL materials are provided. If students need to bring anything, it will be clearly stated and repeated.


Are the computers provided for coding?


Yes, computers are provided for coding. For the majority of our classes, ALL materials are provided. If students need to bring anything, it will be clearly stated and repeated. If a student can provide their own computer for coding, they may attend, even if the class is full.

How do I pay for classes?

You sign in and pay for class upon arrival. Instructions on how to pay with either cash or card are next to the sign in. The credit card processing fees are very high ($0.73 per $5 class). If you use your card, please consider a donation that covers those fees. We are unable to provide change. You may either make an additional donation to TRIBE or have a credit for a future class.

Do you offer classes for adults?

Our classes are primarily for school-age children. We occasionally offer specialty workshops for adults, but unless otherwise noted, our programs are for children.

Where exactly are you located?

We are located on the 3rd floor of historic Seminole Heights United Methodist Church at 6111 N Central Ave (corner of Central Ave. and Hanna Ave.). Park in the lot next to the church entering from Hanna Ave (directly across from Seminole Elementary's parking lot). Walk up the sidewalk toward the church, then turn left at the stairs. Our entrance is through the dark wooded double doors at the top of a short flight of steps. The doors directly face the elementary school. Once you enter, head up one more flight of stairs to reach TRIBE. We occupy the entire 3rd floor (2 large studio spaces, and 6 small classrooms).


Is this religious programming?

TRIBE is not religious programming and is not run by Seminole Heights United Methodist Church.

What is TRIBE’s non-profit status?

We are an approved 501(c)3, established May 2018.

Do you do background checks on the volunteers?

Yes, all volunteers are subject to a background check. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a safe and secure environment for all children and volunteers thanks to our partnership with Seminole Heights United Methodist Church. Volunteers who have completed a background check and child safety class are identified by wearing a special bracelet.

Additional questions? Ask us here.


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