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At TRIBE, we believe in making enriching music classes accessible to all, but acknowledge financial considerations. We're thrilled to introduce a dynamic pricing structure that empowers families to select an amount that harmonizes with their budget while enjoying this music class.

We invite you to select the option that resonates with your financial situation and your passion for supporting TRIBE's music program. We trust families to make the best choice for their circumstances. Regardless of the option you choose, your child will continue benefiting from our engaging, educational music classes.

Please note that while the current pricing accurately reflects our music classes, it's worth noting that prices may vary in the future. Your participation in this pricing model sustains our ability to foster positive change through music within Seminole Heights and beyond. Thank you for being an integral part of the TRIBE family!


This represents our baseline rate and covers the fundamental costs of the music class. If this comfortably fits your budget, we encourage you to choose this option.


By opting for this choice, you're not only engaging your child in musical learning but also aiding families in need to access our music class.


Selecting this option demonstrates an exceptional commitment to TRIBE's mission. Your generosity plays a direct role in funding scholarships, extending our outreach, and nurturing a vibrant community hub through this music class.

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